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When we’re out in the world with our dogs, it’s so important to watch their body language and behavior. This is especially true in contexts like animal-assisted interventions. In my next live webinar for the American Psychological Association's Human Animal Interaction section, we'll explore why this is the case and what we need to look out for. We’ll also discuss what to do to help our dogs feel comfortable and safe in the real world. Join us on Thursday, February 3rd at 1 p.m. MT!

This webinar is free to members of the APA HAI section, which is free to join!


In this interactive session, we'll talk about the importance of being kind to ourselves as guardians of fearful dogs and cats, and how we deserve support just as much as our pets do. Together, we'll brainstorm strategies for self-care and share our stories. While the recording will be available to those who register, I strongly encourage people to join us live on Thursday, 2/10 at 3 p.m. ET to get the most out of this supportive session. The registration fee is $35.

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This online event takes place on February 12th & 13th.

I'm thrilled to be presenting the keynote for the pet guardian track on supporting our fearful pets by providing opportunities for decompression and enrichment. 

I'll also be presenting for the shelter track on a topic I'm deeply passionate about: how shelter personnel can integrate humane education into their work to promote Fear Free for all.

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I was interviewed for Pod to the Rescue about dog body language. Click below to listen!



In this podcast, I chat with Marissa Martino about two of our favorite topics: the human-canine bond and how to care for ourselves so we can support our best friends.

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